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RedMan Warriors: Airman Kristine Glenn is the only female Phoenix Raven Instructor
RedMan Training - Thursday, April 28, 2016

Senior Airman Kristine Glenn attacks life with the same attitude she shows in RedMan qualification fights; when she sees an obstacle in her way she confronts it. Her fighter mindset and determination have gotten her to where she is today. After four years and more than 200 missions as a Raven, Glenn is now a Raven instructor. The intensive three-week, 12-hour-a-day course she instructs exposes students to more than 70 use-of-force scenarios where stress is simulated using role players and incorporates RedMan’s Defensive Tactics Training Suit for protection. Training includes instruction and realistic practical exercises in antiterrorism/force protection, weapon system security, verbal judo, combatives, tactical baton employment and advanced firearms proficiency. The hands-on training provides the teams with the skills needed to protect aircraft, crews and cargo from criminal and terrorist threats while traveling through airfields where security is either unknown or inadequate.

(U.S. Air Force photo by/Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr.)

Glenn’s childhood prepared her for a military life. Growing up with all boys, she learned how to stand on her own and applies this to the Raven Qualification Courses she instructs. The 5-foot-2inch instructor is known for her determination and encouragement. It is her understanding of struggle that makes her one of the most dedicated and professional Airman the Raven community has to offer. To read Senior Airman Kristine Glenn’s full story:

Information and photos for this post were pulled from, original story by Randy Roughton (April 25, 2016), A Fighting Raven, The Only Female Phoenix Raven Instructor Never Shirks From Challenges or Competition.

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