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Visit RedMan at booth 30002 at the SHOT Show in Vegas January 23-26, 2018
SHOT Show is the single best resource for store owners and range operators who want to stay competitive and successful. This is your opportunity to meet with RedMan Training Gear Team, negotiate orders and enhance your inventory for the next selling season.  ..

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B&T Police Days 2017

B&T hosted its biennial Police Days on the 20th and 21st of June 2017. The event took place at the military shooting range Guntelsey in Thun Switzerland.  ..

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Excessive Use of Force issues and concerns about training are a direct result of the 2010 Federal and Local Government Budget Cuts.

Over the last 18 months, the law enforcement community has faced tremendous criticism for excessive use of force. The Chicago report, released in January 2017 by the Department of Justice, cited that the Chicago Police department is guilty of using excessive force and is in need of reform. This report and review is one of many sweeping the nation. Large cities like Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles have been in the hot seat. Small towns in South Carolina, Florida and Texas have also faced their share of criticism. ..

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Train to Win

Author: Sergeant William Luther, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

As officers we all know the rising risk we take on a daily basis with our chosen profession. We can never prepare enough, train enough or be vigilant enough in our endeavor to keep the communities and citizens we serve safe. It is truly hard to replicate the emotional and psychological responses we’re going to face in the event it happens to us. The closest we can come to mimic this environment is scenario-based training provided by a certified instructor within our agency or jurisdiction. It is not about the quantity of training but the quality as I’m sure most would agree. Oftentimes it’s difficult to find the nexus that connects the philosophies of soft control tactics up to lethal force decisions into one training program that facilitates a realistic training environment to reflect the day to day events we commonly face. ..

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RedMan Warriors: Airman Kristine Glenn is the only female Phoenix Raven Instructor

Senior Airman Kristine Glenn attacks life with the same attitude she shows in RedMan qualification fights; when she sees an obstacle in her way she confronts it. Her fighter mindset and determination have gotten her to where she is today. After four years and more than 200 missions as a Raven, Glenn is now a Raven instructor. The intensive three-week, 12-hour-a-day course she instructs exposes students to more than 70 use-of-force scenarios where stress is simulated using role players and incorporates RedMan’s Defensive Tactics Training Suit for protection. Training includes instruction and realistic practical exercises in antiterrorism/force protection, weapon system security, verbal judo, combatives, tactical baton employment and advanced firearms proficiency. The hands-on training provides the teams with the skills needed to protect aircraft, crews and cargo from criminal and terrorist threats while traveling through airfields where security is either unknown or inadequate. ..

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